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Delaware County Bank (p. 1)
This book serves as promotional material for the Delaware County Bank on North Sandusky Street in Delaware. The bank's construction is described, names of staff are included, and photos of the finished building are also included.

Welcome to Delaware, Ohio (1979) (p. 1)
This book describes Delaware as it was in 1979. The book has a table of contents describing the subject matter of each chapter. The book is designed to encourage people to move to Delaware.

Rules and Regulations and Articles of Association of Oak Grove Cemetery (p. 1)
This book contains the rules and regulations of Oak Grove Cemetery in Delaware, Ohio, along with the dedication ceremony of Oak Grove Cemetery, 1850-51.

The Jane M. Case Hospital Building Campaign (p. 1)
This is a booklet, circa 1950, highlighting the need for additions to Jane M. Case Hospital in Delaware, Ohio.

James A. Conger Elementary School Dedication Program (p. 1)
Dedication Program for James A. Conger Elementary School in Delaware City, Delaware County, Ohio

Delaware High School 1928-1932 (p. 1)
Frederick Norwood's memories of his high school years (the Delaware High School Class of 1932), describing obstacles such as the Great Depression and the 1929 fire that partially burned Delaware High School.

Delaware Welcomes You (p. 1)
This is a book published in Delaware County's Sesquicentennial year, 1958. The book discusses the history, population statistics, business, industry, education, medical facilities, recreation and tourism in Delaware County as it was in 1958.

Delaware County Sesquicentennial  (p. 1)
This Sesquicentennial celebration program is printed in red and green ink on a yellow background and lists events and activities that promise to fill "Eight Hilarious Days" of festivities.

Delaware County Historical Society (p. 1)
This book recounts the Public Opening and Second Annual Pilgrimage of Delaware County Historical Museum (Sunday, May 22, 1955).

Delaware Chamber of Commerce Classified Directory (p. 1)
Alphabetical directory of businesses and services in Delaware County
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