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Aug 1920 or 21- When

Chas. and I were motoring

to Greenfield Ohio for

a school his.

Camp Sherman

Chillicothe, Ohio

Scene taken from the

hotel roof, looking

toward Belpre, the

early French settlement

across the rev. and

down the Riv you see

Blenerhassett Island

where Aaron Burr and

Hermon Blennerhassett

made history.

A trip to Marietta

is not complete if

you do not visit the

cemetery where so

many of Mariettas

founders are buried.

In it is the Indian

Mound shown in

background of photo.

Edward Sargent is

(apparently reading…

Another scene from

our hotel in Marietta

looking across

Muskingum Riv.

A freight train was

on the trestle.

This Marietta trip

was taken with Mr and

Mrs E. M. Sargent of

Columbus in Aug 1923

Looking at the

Ohio Riv. just

out of Marietta.

In Aug 1923

Oct 29, 1922

Baughman Park,

14 mi East of Newark


When Maude Baker asked

Chas. how she looked in this

photo he ans.-"like Mrs Vanderbilt"

J.C. Needels, Mr-Mrs

Tom Duckworth. Thom.

Jr and Mary Elizabeth,

Maud Baker…

1922 or 23-

Enroute to Lancaster

via Baltimore, and big hill

which we are on.

Edward Sargent and I

out of the Lincoln, Mrs

Sargent in looking

over the Gov St Clair

and several nieghbor

mansions of same period.

They face Park

which lies along the

Muskingum Riv. In

the Park are several


At Serpent Mound

tail begins just back

of where C. M and stand.

Beautiful views- valley

and hills from different

points about the Mound

It's a very interesting

trip from Columbus

to Chillicothe, Waverly

etc. We came…

Serpent Mound, in

Adams Co. Ohio.

Visit spot summer '22

accompanied by Mr Mrs. E.M.

Sargent, Columbus, O.

Chas. took this photo from

the tower, looking down

upon the serpent mound

which runs just back of

where we…
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