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Will and Inah Knox, beside

the grave of "Uncle" Zane

Wilson in Monrovia (in pencil) early


Early Feb. 1929 (crossed out) ^1930

Mch 8 - '21

Just fairly

started on our joining up coast

to Santa Barbara, all piled

out of car at first sight

of wild, golden poppies.

Whose statue !

In White Park

Riverside, California there

is an enclosure devoted

solely to many species of

cacti some of them

standing 15 to 18 ft high, to

the tiniest ones. One looks

like a monkey - long fuzzy

hair covering the entire…

When Our Mother was a Little Girl (p. 1)
This book is a collection of early settlement stories of Berkshire and Kingston townships in Delaware county, OH. …

Wheaton's first (official)

reunion, near Marion

Charles M. at left.

Clint at right of photo

Most of the "clan" and the

"in-laws" excepting me, because

I was ill (Daisy)

Wheaton reunion.

Summer 1923 near

I was Ill and couldn't

go. Chas took Eva Johnson

and in Delaware picked up

Shoemakers and [illegible] Wheaton.

First official gathering

of the Wheaton clan.

Taken at a Wheaton

reunion in 1922-near


Chas., Otis, Clinton

Wheaton reunion-

Bucyrus Fair Ground.

1924-Year of our

house-car trip.

Robt. and Ida Fisher went

with us in the Lincoln.

I stand on left front row-

Chas. at right.

Clint next to me- Otis next


Wheaton brothers and their

fraus. Taken at

Bucyrus, O. (Fair Grounds)

Summer 1924-the

summer we came home

from California in the

house-car ("Suitsus")

We went to the reunion in

the Lincoln-taking Ida and

Robt. Fisher with…
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