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Mrs. Wheaton did not describe this stereograph or name the location of its content. If you have information about the content of this stereograph, email

A wonderfully fine, big

cammelia in the dooryard of Mr and

Mrs "Herb" Headley near Corina,


The Hatchards, Mrs Porter, Miss

Simpson and others were there intl

we filled lunch baskets we

stopped enroute to Long…

A freakish sycamore

tree in Sycamore Park

Los Angeles.

Only about half of

the low growing limb

shows in the photo.

This was taken on

our last Sunday

in California, when

we met the Johnston

people (relations…

Taken on a hillside in

Athens in Sept 1923-

Fred Wheatons-part of

Electra Wheaton at extreme left

and myself. Taken by Charles.

A hillside scene in

South Pasadena

just south of the

famous Cawston

Ostrich Farm.

The tree group in

middle picture

hide the Farm.

California towns

are built up and

down and on top of

the hill and mt side

very often

A Hundred Years (p. 1)
The Ohio Wesleyan University booklet in celebration of its 100th Anniversary is also a petition for donations to help to keep the University growing.

A Little Bird Told Us (1)
In this book is written the histories of the Eskham Hayes and Ethel Warner families. It contains photographs, family stories, and stories of neighbors, friends, memorable events and a preface written by editor Polly Horn.

Richmond, Va. Dec. 13, '22

Fine Washington monument.

Hotel Richmond in background.

A Movie building

in Arroyo Seco.

Cameramen and

actors were getting

ready to make some

films here.

Mch 17- 1921

A Nestle Family Album
This video covers the history of the Nestle plant and its employees in Sunbury, Ohio.
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