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Unique Covered Bridge in Delaware County (p. 1)
This article describes the construction method used by Berkshire resident Everett Sherman, builder of the Chambers Road bridge in Porter Township.

A Short History of Medicine and the Physicians Of Delaware County, Ohio (p. 1)
This re-printed article from the The Ohio State Medical Journal, August-September- October, 1959, covers the history of physicians in Delaware County beginning in the early 1800s.

Day by Day (p. 1)
This family history provides general histories of 5 generations of the Davidson, Day, Glenn, Cline, and Cowell families, from 1899-1995. Author Doris Davidson Day puts into print memories of her childhood, marriage, work, joys, and sorrows.

Flashback: A Story of Two Families (p. 1)
This book recounts the history of the Carleton S. Burrer and Dorothy Dillenbeck Burrer families as told to Polly Whitney Brehm Horn by Dillie Burrer, widow of Carleton Burrer. The book includes genealogical and biographical information for members…

A Little Bird Told Us (1)
In this book is written the histories of the Eskham Hayes and Ethel Warner families. It contains photographs, family stories, and stories of neighbors, friends, memorable events and a preface written by editor Polly Horn.

This is a photograph of Hicks' Cash Store in Condit, Trenton Township, Ohio. Henry Hicks and Bessie Beacom Hicks are standing on the porch. Bessie is holding her daughter, Florice. Son Craig is in the huckster wagon.

This information is from the…

William and Anna Bennett of Mansfield, Connecticut (p. 1)
This family history chronicles the ancestry and descendants of the Bennett, Barrows, Buell, and Waters families. The book contains letters from the Bennett's in Connecticut to their three daughters who settled in Delaware County, Ohio. The letters…

Haycook Civil War Letters 1861-1865 (p. 1)
This is a collection of letters written during the Civil War by Nathaniel and George Haycook to their sister, Mary, and by friend Harold Robbins. The letters are in the private collection of Kathleen Schnipke, Harlem Township.

Doors to the Corridors of Memories (1)
Doors to the Corridors of Memories is the family history of the Goff family. It contains photographs, poetry, and stories of Jeannette Curren's (Goff) life, including her childhood, family life, education, marriage to Harold Curren, children,…

I-DENTITY (p. 1)
This book is the history of the Longshore Family, prepared by Maxine Longshore in 1976.
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