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Condit Creamery.jpg
This postcard shows the Condit Creamery in Trenton Township, Delaware County, Ohio. The creamery was on County Road 605 between Condit Station and South Condit.

Condit Railway Station.jpg
This photograph shows the Condit Railroad Station in Trenton Township, Ohio. Condit Station was along the Cleveland, Columbus and Mount Vernon Railroad, built in 1873, and permitted transport of Trenton's lumber and stone to other areas.

This photograph shows the Condit Tile Mill, also known as the Chadwick Tile Mill, was located on County Road 605 between Condit Station and South Condit, in Trenton Township, Ohio.

This is a photograph of Hicks' Cash Store in Condit, Trenton Township, Ohio. Henry Hicks and Bessie Beacom Hicks are standing on the porch. Bessie is holding her daughter, Florice. Son Craig is in the huckster wagon.

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This is a postcard showing the southern view of Mt. Vernon Street in Condit, Trenton Township, Ohio.

This is a photograph of a large glacial boulder on the north side of Croton Road east of Sunbury in Trenton Township. According to Michel C. Hansen of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Geology Newsletter (Winter 1984. p.3), this "granite…

This photograph shows six men working in the stone quarry at Big Walnut. Left to right the men are Wash Williams (Galena Township Trustee), Bill Mann, Reid Dunham, John Bunyon, Orrie Clark, Hugh Ford.

This Victorian house is located at 15519 E. St. Rte. 37 in Sunbury, Ohio, Trenton Township.

This photograph of the brick building shown above was built by Revolutionary War soldier Gilbert Van Dorn in the early 19th - century. According to the 1880 History of Delaware County, and the September 16, 1965 edition of the Sunbury News, the…

This is a photograph of a collapsed train trestle in Trenton township. The Big Walnut creek that flows under the bridge is dry.
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