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C.C. Bricker Adjusted Compensation Form (1)
Pvt. Charlie C. Bricker's Adjusted Compensation Form for his service in WWI

This is the front page of the evening edition of the November 11, 1918 Daily Delaware Gazette announcing the end of World War 1. The item is in the private collection of John L. Bricker

WW II Vets Recognized by Local Chapter of the American Legion (p. 1)
Three World War II veterans recognized during a lunch at Sunbury's American Legion Post #457. Includes notes on military service.

Remarks by President Trump at the Memorial Day Ceremony, Baltimore, Maryland
President Trump's remarks at the Memorial Day Ceremony at Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine

Mitchell Family Civil War Letters (p. 1)
These are the letters of Samuel and Edwin Frank Mitchell, Civil War soldiers and brothers from Delaware, Ohio. They were donated to the Delaware County District Library by Steven S. Mitchell in 2016. The 17 letters were written between 1862-1864.

Charlie C. Bricker World War I Letters (p. 1)
This is a collection of letters written during World War 1 by Charlie C. Bricker to his parents Nora Waldron and David E. Bricker, and to his girlfriend, Doris Fuller, whom he married after returning home from the war. These letters appear here…

Hiram C. Fuller's Civil War Letters (p. 1)
This is a small collection of three letters written by Hiram C. Fuller of Berkshire Township to his brother Ralph M. Fuller during the American Civil War. The letters are held in a private collection.

Haycook Civil War Letters 1861-1865 (p. 1)
This is a collection of letters written during the Civil War by Nathaniel and George Haycook to their sister, Mary, and by friend Harold Robbins. The letters are in the private collection of Kathleen Schnipke, Harlem Township.
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