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This photograph shows six seated women in the Galena Methodist Church dressed in black. Looking at them are seated children. The women are identified, left to right, as Ellie Weber, Edna Ranck, Eva McCaughey, Bertha Campbell, Rhetta Johnson, and…

This photograph shows 8 women and 7 women dressed in fine clothing.

If you know can name any of the women or children, please contact the library at 740-965-3901 or

This photograph shows a woman seated outside in a chair, near a porch, wearing a white dress with dots.

If you can identify this woman, please contact the library at 740-965-3901 or

This photograph shows a woman holding an infant with eight smaller children standing around her. They are standing in front of the door of a brick building on stone steps.

If you can identify the woman, the children or the building, please…

Condit Post Office.jpg
This is a photo of a woman standing outside the Condit post office. She is carrying a US postal sack.

If you know the name of this woman, please contact the library at 740-965-3901 or


Mr and Mrs Joseph Torbill

and Mrs Wheaton in the

Torbill front yard.

Mch 9, '24.

In Altadena, a beautiful

suburb of Pasadena.

Front of picture:

With the Torbills. Their Altadena home

Photo of Wilson Road, looking from east to west on the stretch between North Galena and Carter's Corner. This photo was taken before the North Star Golf Club and subdivision were built.

Willis High School Class of 1940 50th Reunion (p. 1)
This is the Frank B. Willis High School Class of 1940 50th Reunion Program from May 26, 1990. Includes information about each of the class members and the Baccalaureate and Commencement programs from 1940.

This photograph shows the Galena barber, William Campbell shaving Charley Platt and the child standing is Ellsworth Bennett.

William and Anna Bennett of Mansfield, Connecticut (p. 1)
This family history chronicles the ancestry and descendants of the Bennett, Barrows, Buell, and Waters families. The book contains letters from the Bennett's in Connecticut to their three daughters who settled in Delaware County, Ohio. The letters…
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