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"Hermit Trail" and the

camp where we spent

the night of Mch. 23,


This photograph shows a home at 141 Letts Avenue, likely the home of John Loar, the driver of the car. The car is not a Ford and it would have been expensive. John Loar owned a restaurant.

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We had a looking space on

south side of ^East Orange Grove

Ave. Jan 1, 1924.

This represents a "49s"

scene, rather a reminder

of scenes during the early

fifties in southern Calif.

Front of picture:

1850 - Pasadena Rose…

Atlas of Delaware Co. Ohio (p. 9)
This map shows the area known locally as Berkshire Corners as it was in 1866. The map includes a key identifying businesses and advertisers in the area.

This photograph shows participants in the 1919 Women's Rally in Sunbury, Ohio. The house is at 21 S.Columbus Street. The 19th Amendment to the US Constitution was ratified August 18, 1919, giving women the right to vote.

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77 Years on Johnnycake Road (1)
77 Years on Johnnycake Road is a collection of poems and stories written by Edward Griffith about his family and friends. The book has 16 chapters and is illustrated.

A picnic occassion

at Smiths Casino

Miami Beach in early

Feb. '23.

Mrs. Mr Edmond Sargent

Columbus, myself, Mrs

Chas Cring (Indianapolis)

Mother Mann, Mrs Chas.

Nebauer (New York)

Jr Cring and Dorothy Nebauer

Chas Cring,…

A boulevard in

Griffith Park - north of Hollywood.

It is fifteen miles

through this beautiful

mountain park, half

it the way running up

and over the mountains.

The valley scene is

on the north side. The

town in the…

This house was the center of

some of Virginias finest

culture, during several genera-

tions of Lees who lived in it-

The last notable one was Gen'l

Robt. E. Lee. His father

was born at Leesylvania, but

six other well know Lees…

A cliff Dwellers

home (reproduced) at

Grand Canyon, Ariz.

March 23, 1921.
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