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This is a photograph of the Yankee Street Bridge in Galena. Part of the sign reads "WARNING This bridge UNSAFE..." The bridge was torn down when Hoover Dam was built in the 1950s.

Scene on Biscayne

Bay winter '23.

The Bay was full of

Yachts of all sizes and

kinds most the winter.

The finest ones were

Lyndonia , Cyrus Curtis

(Home Journal Pub. Co.)

Magnificent boat and

the Ava - Wm. K.


WW II Vets Recognized by Local Chapter of the American Legion (p. 1)
Three World War II veterans recognized during a lunch at Sunbury's American Legion Post #457. Includes notes on military service.

Summit of Mt Wilson Jan 29

1924 The Carnegie Telescope in

background - the biggest one in

the world. 100 ft in diameter, with

a ^(mirror) lens 100 in. in diam.

It shows many more stars than

any other 'scope, - down to a star…

World Wide Games (p. 1)
This brochure details the products of the World Wide Games Company, located near the the city of Delaware, Ohio. The brochure includes instructions for playing each game.

This is the front page of the evening edition of the November 11, 1918 Daily Delaware Gazette announcing the end of World War 1. The item is in the private collection of John L. Bricker

In this photograph, a woman stands between the machinery
and some people standing in the ditch who are looking up at her.

If you can identify any of the people in this photograph, please contact the library at 740-965-3901 or…

Mrs. Wheaton did not write a description for this stereograph. If you have information about the content of this stereograph, email

Wonderful "Balanced

Rock" on one side

of Mt Rubindeaux

Note the table and

seats - cozy lunch

place in shadow of


Some terrific

upheaval of water

must have broken

it from its mother

rock ages and ages

ago. It…

This color photograph shows a group of 16 women gathered at the entrance of a building. Some of the women have been identified: R-Alga Grove, Amanda Hoppes, Doris Bricker, Maude Shauf, Martha Bennett, , Mary Lyons, , Reta Johnson,…
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