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  • Collection: Daisy Wheaton Stereographs

Wheaton reunion.

Summer 1923 near

I was Ill and couldn't

go. Chas took Eva Johnson

and in Delaware picked up

Shoemakers and [illegible] Wheaton.

First official gathering

of the Wheaton clan.

Taken at a Wheaton

reunion in 1922-near


Chas., Otis, Clinton

Wheaton reunion-

Bucyrus Fair Ground.

1924-Year of our

house-car trip.

Robt. and Ida Fisher went

with us in the Lincoln.

I stand on left front row-

Chas. at right.

Clint next to me- Otis next


Wheaton brothers and their

fraus. Taken at

Bucyrus, O. (Fair Grounds)

Summer 1924-the

summer we came home

from California in the

house-car ("Suitsus")

We went to the reunion in

the Lincoln-taking Ida and

Robt. Fisher with…

"What were the wild swans

saying" in San Pedro Harbor

Mch 15 1921." Rather at

Point Fermin.

Breakwater and battleships

in distance.

This scene was west of

El Centro. First after El C

came desert - and a gypsum

or some other kind of crusher,

then a down grade - with mts

in the background. The mts

shown in photo. In the

valley, after the crusher


Up Palm Canyon, morning

of Feb. 22, 1924.

What is Mr Hatchard fishing for?

Front of picture,

Way up Palm Canyon

A trip to Marietta

is not complete if

you do not visit the

cemetery where so

many of Mariettas

founders are buried.

In it is the Indian

Mound shown in

background of photo.

Edward Sargent is

(apparently reading…

In Virgin Mountains north St Thomas Nevada

Aug 18-1925

After breakfasting in Juliet

started toward Wisconsin, a lovely

drive thru a lot of nice towns

had heard of. Roads fine and

splendid. Not far from Chicago

towns, Way up toward Madison

there was a detour and we had…
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