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  • Collection: Daisy Wheaton Stereographs

Taken on a hillside in

Athens in Sept 1923-

Fred Wheatons-part of

Electra Wheaton at extreme left

and myself. Taken by Charles.

A hillside scene in

South Pasadena

just south of the

famous Cawston

Ostrich Farm.

The tree group in

middle picture

hide the Farm.

California towns

are built up and

down and on top of

the hill and mt side

very often

Richmond, Va. Dec. 13, '22

Fine Washington monument.

Hotel Richmond in background.

A Movie building

in Arroyo Seco.

Cameramen and

actors were getting

ready to make some

films here.

Mch 17- 1921

In front of San Gabriel

Mission, San Gabriel, Calif.

Early Feb. "Pueblo" Indian

posing with Mrs Wheaton.

Front of picture:

A Pueblo Indy & Buckeye in San Gabriel Mts.

A scene in

Sierra Madre Canyon

near Sierra Madre


Up Mt Rubidoux

Feb 26, 1921:

Scene shows a small

portion of Riverside.

One of Californias

fogs rather veiled

the landscape on the

morning of Feb. 26.

A souvenir store

at Grand Canyon -

right on the rim.

The steps lead down

to a lookout

A Spanish type

of bungalow - now

becoming quite

prevalent in

Pasadena Hollywood

and elsewhere in

southern Calif.

This one was a light

yellow with soft

blue trimmings and red

tile roof

Mch 9 - 21

A suburb of beautiful

Santa Barbara.

We are looking across green

hills and valleys at a

Greek Temple.

The strong foundation of

the Temple caused its

builder to be suspected

of being a German sympathizer

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