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Scene at Long Beach,

on the midway, or whatever

it is called. Taken about Jan 4,

'24 our anniversary. (30th)

On the Front

Long Beach Cal


Taken Mch 11 - '23

at N.W. corner of porch

on our 566 S.W 1st St

Miami home.

Mrs. Lillian Keenan

our landlady.

Beautiful crotous

back of us and


Daisy and Charles Wheaton
Mrs. Wheaton did not describe the content or location of this stereograph, but it is likely that the two people featured are Daisy and Charles Wheaton. If you have more information about this stereograph, email history

Arizonas State house.

Taken as we were leaving

for California, the

morning of February [crossed out] January 26,


Mrs Hatchard had come over

from Los Angeles about two

weeks previous to our

departure and was…

Mrs Hatchard joined us

in Phoenix about Jan.

14 - (1926) Soon after she

came we joined Mr and Mrs

Will Perry and family, his

father, "Stace" Perry, of Croton, O

and his aunt Mrs Rice, of Mich,

and drove across the…

We had just travelled

under the big stone

ledge in upper half

of photo.

Detouring after a

borax mine somewhere

(40 mi) beyond Searchlight, [crossed out]

Las Vegas Nev. we found

awful travelling for

7 mi down the rough and tumble

bed of a dry stream

Front of picture:

Bridge over Virgin Riv, Nevada

On the Main St of Avalon,

Catalina Id. The Wrigley

home on the summit of the hill

at left side of picture.

Mch 8 '24

Front of picture:

Avalon - Catalina Id - Wm Wrigley Home on Hill.


In Mrs Torbills flower

garden, Mch 9, '24. In

Altadena, Calif.

Front of picture:

In Mrs Joe Torbills Flower Garden -

Altadena, Cal.

On Rim Trail, Mt Wilson

Jan 29. Mr Anderson of

Minn, whom we picked up on Mt

Wilson road (big man walking to reduce)

snapped this one.

Front of picture:

Rim of Mt Wilson looking toward higher mts
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