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Battleship Pennsylvania

in Los Angeles Harbor

Mch 8 - '24

Front of picture:

The Pennsylvania - San Pedro Harbor

This monument to

the memory of Juliette

Strauss, who was a

contributor to the Ladies Home Journal

for years -

Her column was called

"A Country Editor"

Front of picture:

Turkey Run- Ind.

The Lincoln Monument in

Springfield, Ill.

One of the prettiest

we have seen. The front

door opens into the museum

which is filled with

souvenirs of that martyred

president. Abraham Lincoln,

Mrs Lincoln and other

members of…

Near Hodgdensbunk [Hodgenville] and

Buffalo, Ky - the lovely

Memorial in memory of

Abraham Lincoln, whose

very, very humble one

room cabin home is

within the fine building.

This was about April 1

1923 - when we were on…

May 5 we drove from Laramie

Wyoming to Estes Park, Colo.

via Fort Collins, Cal. #28

A wonderfully scenic trip all

the way from Laramie.

First long grade up and I saw

treeless hills with the wind

blowing a gale, soon coming


Mr and Mrs Will C. Daily #23

Edwin and Chas Daily, with

ourselves, at the Daily

home 824 E. Platte Ave.

Colorado Springs


May 8 . 9 . 10 . 11 . 12 - 1924.

Front of picture:

Mr Mrs Will Daily - Charles and Edwin Wheatons

Site of old Fort Bridger

may be seen, parts of the old

Mormon wall, Judge Carter's old

store, once called the best west

of the Missouri Riv.

The old Pony Express stable

is partially shown in the

left side of photo. The…

Just a new house in

Miami that we then

declared our ideal.

As times goes on I

find our ideals of

various things change.

1922 or '23

Feb. 23-1926

Where we went with

Mr and Mrs Hatchard and their

daughter Mrs Smith in

Feb 1924. The same

talkative landlady was there

this time. They had anchored

the front porch and added it

to an otherwise small…

Mch 24-1921

Grand Canyon, Arz.

C.M. on the edge of


The "Battleship"

in front of the rocks

where Chas. stands.
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