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Our Century old

hallway (37 ft long)

C. M. glimpsing the

home of our Presidents

Dec 10'22

Magazine Circle

At Baughman Park-

4th July 1923.

We took A.C. Williams,

Myrtle Mosher, Ermma Miller

and Mother and in Johnstown picked

up Blanche and Dickie

Wilkinson, Fine [illegible]

fine day. Most of the

Magazine Circle…

Polo Game at

Miami Beach Fla-

Our bunch enjoyed

seeing a number of

Polo games there

different miten.

After a scrumptious

Xmas '22 dinner at

Titusville, Fla.

Taken on the Indian

Riv. side of the big


Mother Mann, Uncle

John Needels in

background, myself,

Daisy E. Wheaton looking

at hedge, C. M.


St George St.

St Augustine

Dec 24-'22

Up Clear Creek valley

South of Lancaster.

When I was a patient at

the Hickle Sanitorium.

This was taken on Sunday,

when Finnys and Vandervorts

came down to Lancaster.

Chas had come the

night before and all started

from the…

Oct 29- 1922-

Baughman Park

or (Memorial " )

14 mi East of

Newark, Ohio-

Looking South rather

"Headin' South".

Pasadena home of

Wm Wriggley. Chewing

Gum House would be

an appropriate name?

It is located on Orange

Grove Ave. along with

many other millionaire homes.

Not far distant is Busch

Gardens and the Busch


Waterman Canyon road that

runs up into San Bernardino

Mts North of town of San Bernardino

After the Great Desert trip

we came back to San B---

over night, the following forenoon

motoring to Arrowhead Lake

via Wat. Canyon. Feb. 23…
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