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Chas M Wheaton, mother

Mann, Mrs Carnahan,

in a pretty park in

Chattanooga, Tenn-

Late Mch 1923

Chas. Wheaton is drinking

in the scenery, while

leaning on a wire fence.

In some quite a long

stretch of poor hillside

farms and tiny homes

similar to the one

photographed, when

motoring in Northern

Tenn. and So.…

On a windy point on

Lookout Mt. near

Chattanooga, Tenn. late

in Mch 1923

Mother, Mrs Carnahan and

myself in the group.

Chas. clear on the edge

of things. Which he liked

so much to do.

Sometimes it made my

hair feel…

Looking down from

Lookout Mt. on the great

big sock shaped bend

in Tennessee Riv.

Below us, on the Mt side

the old house where some

Civil War General had

headquarters at one period

in that war between

the States-

Mch 1923

Umbrella Rock on Lookout Mt.

Tenn- We motored from Miami

Fla. making various stopovers,-

to see friends, and visit

historical and scenic spots.

Mrs Carnahan motored with

us from her home in Rome, Ga.

and stayed at…

This scene soon after

we had gotten over the

summit of Mt Eagle,

Tenn. Mt Eagle road

was notoriosly bad at

that time.

It took a long time to

reach the summit, where

we spent a night.

Up there mother remarked


At San Bernardino

Feb. 25, 1921

Mr, Mrs Thomas Hatchard;

Joe Torbill, Mrs.Laurence,


"Orange Show"

decorations on main

St, with old "Greyback"

Mt [illegible] showing

at end of St, seemingly, the

25 mi. away.…

Tourist Camp at San

Bernardino where we

spent several days

waiting for Arizona

to lift the quarantine

and permit Calif. motorists

to cross her border.

April 12-13-14-15-16-20

and 21.

Front of…

Front of picture:

On detour out of St Thomas


Daytona 4-14-09

My dear Im

so afraid you are

sick as Ive not

had a letter now

for 4 or 5 days.

Hope though Ive had Mrs. C. M. Wheaton

my worry for Sunbury,

nothing and that …
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