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  • Collection: Daisy Wheaton Stereographs

Mr and Mrs Adelbert Wheaton and

daughter-Aleen and Aunt

Augusta Wheaton.

May 25-'24

Taken on our way home by

Reo house car.

Front of card:

Adelbert Wheaton's- Champaign, Ill.

In San Bernardino Mts.

Feb. 23, 1924. A little of

San Bernardino Cy at foot

of Mts.

Front of picture,

San Bernardino Mts.

We saw dozens of

similar outfits, beginning

after Searchlight, Nevada.

There were cow herders

as well, tho less

numerous than the


Often our road way was

full of animals and we

were obliged to drive


This was a big, broad

scene- a panorama

of snowcapped mountains,

in the far background,

with tree clad ones next,

dark with evergreens etc,

and grass covered ones

in the foreground.

The white patches you

observe are snow,…

In front (lake side anyway)

of Arrowhead Hotel where the

view is most beautiful, as you

look down upon the blue-green

water of Arrowhead Lake,

(formerly known as Little Bear).

With mountains for a border

and with picturesque…

Utah's pretty 2 1/2 million dollar

State House of [illegible] granite

Front of picture,

Utahs Statehouse, Salt Lake Cy

Battleship Pennsylvania

in Los Angeles Harbor

Mch 8 - '24

Front of picture:

The Pennsylvania - San Pedro Harbor

Mrs. Daisy Wheaton did not write a description for this stereograph. It appears that the people are standing in a birch tree forest that has boulders and a small waterfall. It is possible that the first man on left is Mr. Charles Wheaton and the…

Taken about Oct 1922 on

a bridge over Muskingum

Riv. five miles south of

Zanesville, Ohio

Not far from Howard

Chandler Christy, River


We went to Zanesville for (crossed out) ^to

attend a called meeting

of Ford…

I bought a book giving

Indian day history of this

port of Wis. The very first day [crossed out] time

Chas. and I walked down to the boat

landing, carrying the book in my

hand, an Indian stepped beside

me and reached for my…
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