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Photograph of Joseph and Helen Bartok's house that was located at 4634 Blue Church Rd., Sunbury, Ohio, just north of the Little Walnut Creek. They were farmers in the township. Their house was one of the original homes on Blue Church Rd.

Life on the Ohio Frontier (p. 1)
The Foreward and Introduction to Life on the Ohio Frontier: A Collection of Letters from Mary Lott to Deacon John Phillips 1826-1846, as well as the first letter included in the book, dated October 8, 1826, are presented here. These pages provide a…

Major-General William Stark Rosecrans (p. 1)
This book is a memorial to General William Stark Rosecrans (1819-1898). General Rosecrans was born in Kingston Township, Delaware County, OH. The biography includes information about Rosecrans' military career, the Battle of Chickamauga, and personal…
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