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Memories (1)
The autobiography of Robert L. Hoover contains a forward, a table of contents, and two epilogues. Mr. Hoover includes memories of the places he lived, the schools he attended, the sports that he played, his pets, love of nature, his work history,…

A Little Bird Told Us (1)
In this book is written the histories of the Eskham Hayes and Ethel Warner families. It contains photographs, family stories, and stories of neighbors, friends, memorable events and a preface written by editor Polly Horn.

Doors to the Corridors of Memories (1)
Doors to the Corridors of Memories is the family history of the Goff family. It contains photographs, poetry, and stories of Jeannette Curren's (Goff) life, including her childhood, family life, education, marriage to Harold Curren, children,…

77 Years on Johnnycake Road (1)
77 Years on Johnnycake Road is a collection of poems and stories written by Edward Griffith about his family and friends. The book has 16 chapters and is illustrated.

A Note About My Family (1)
This family history tells the story of Bonnie Caudill's grandparents and parents and how they came to live in Sunbury, her life in Sunbury and her children's lives. The book includes a dedication, newspaper articles and photographs.

From the Beginning  (1)
This family history tells the stories of the Bergandine and Cushman families, the Bergandine's world travels, and how it came to pass that Mr. Bergandine became the manager of the Sunbury Nestlé plant. Many photographs are included.

William and Anna Bennett of Mansfield, Connecticut (p. 1)
This family history chronicles the ancestry and descendants of the Bennett, Barrows, Buell, and Waters families. The book contains letters from the Bennett's in Connecticut to their three daughters who settled in Delaware County, Ohio. The letters…

It Started With These Two (p.1)
This book is an autobiography prepared by Rosella Ault, longtime Sunbury resident. In it she discusses her parents, siblings, children and grand-children, the importance of education, her teaching career, and her faith in God.

When Our Mother was a Little Girl (p. 1)
This book is a collection of early settlement stories of Berkshire and Kingston townships in Delaware county, OH. …

Day by Day (p. 1)
This family history provides general histories of 5 generations of the Davidson, Day, Glenn, Cline, and Cowell families, from 1899-1995. Author Doris Davidson Day puts into print memories of her childhood, marriage, work, joys, and sorrows.
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